posted May 18, 2011 – by MC

On Mother’s Day Weekend, I ran a 12K in Asheville. The inaugural year of the Ramble Run at Biltmore Park turned out to be a great hit with over 2,000 runners and walkers in either a 5K or a 12K. I ran a half-marathon in December, my very first, for which I meticulously trained. After that came the holidays, and an unintentional hiatus from distance running that I totally regret. As this race approached, I kept hearing of the terrain and how hilly it was,  so I think I went into this race feeling pretty much like I was going to be lousy. I kept inching my personal goal back for this race. I am no speedy gonzalez; I typically hope for under 10-minute miles, and in my best 5K to date, I ran right at 9-minute miles. Well, I surprised myself. The hills were steep and they didn’t kill me. This wasn’t my best race, but it wasn’t my worst. I’ll have you know I came in at 1:17:35 and that suited me just fine. I had a blast and the greatest thing about it was that it inspired me to get back to more serious running training. Having my family there was a fantastic way to spend Mother’s Day. I think we’re going to make this race an annual event!

This wasn’t everyone who ran from our group, but pictured left to right are my cousin John and aunt, Mary Carol. Then Cary, my running buddy, me, and Rebecca. Anne and Justin, who kicked butt in the race, were off getting water and fruit.


That’s me getting a little inspiration from my cheerleaders, having finished the last (killer!) hill and on my way to the finish line.


posted May8, 2011 – by Elisa


I just had to say something about the Celebrate Clayton 5k!  What a fun day.  I rarely run these days because my schedule is packed with kick-boxing, aerobics and strength training. Time to scratch that paradigm – I am going to start running again!  Thanks to MC and all my friends at  Bodyworks I experienced my first official race and it was a great time – and that is what it is all about… isn’t it!

Not only do races bring a community together, support righteous causes and help the local industry but they also give us a reason to set new goals while gaining inspiration from our peers.  A 65 year old woman, Donna Presley, age 65, received the award for best overall time and it was 22:08 .  Now that rocks!


posted April 5, 2011 by Elisa

My Husband coined these my “rasta” shoes.   The bright colors and crazy soles make me wanna get up and dance.  There is nothing better than a fun pair of shoes to get you motivated for your workouts.  Would you believe these shoes are already 6 months old – don’t they still look new?  The reason they are so clean is because I reserve them for my indoor studio workouts only.  Nonetheless, I will be retiring the colorful bounce assisting fitness tools very soon. They are officially stretched out from all the lateral jumping and dancing we do in my exercise classes.  I really believe in good shoes and  love to find ones that get me excited to put on.

Seriously though….it is fun getting a thrill over your shoes but,  more importantly , it is one of the most important ways to keep your body protected from injuries.  Knee hurts when jumping and running, hip is bothering you, lower back aches after a workout?  Try some new shoes.  I promise it will put a smile on your face.

What do you do when you retire the shoes you love and spent your hard earned money on?  Give them away, use them for light walking, gardening and other low impact activities.  Reuse!

Serious about new shoes?  Do a test to determine what foot type you are.  Visit RunnersWorld to learn how to test your pronation.

I love buying my shoes from Zappos!  They are the best in customer service and they have elaborate descriptions for every shoe – also highlighting which foot type it is deigned for.  It is  worth taking the time to choose the right shoe.  Your body will thank you for it.


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